Shaquel Davis Set Design
Shaquel Davis - Set Design

A Certain Romance - Production Design

A Certain Romance was a short film about a young man who meets an interesting girl in an interesting environment. The story takes place at a small business café, something like a mom and pop shop. It’s intended to look as if the owner put together this place with anything that was available and worked with his theme. Art direction for this project consisted of dressing primarily. Tables and chairs were brought in, counters were dressed with food and other props, lights were hung up, drawings were added on chalkboards, but the base look was there for the most part. One thing we incorporated that was not originally apart of the locations theme was the record store section. The director wanted it to be a place where music was sold as well as coffee for the sake of the script.

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cafe wide.jpg
cafe wide 2.jpg
outside window.jpg
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